How Does Dr.i-Coach Work?

Dr. i-Coach® is a patented sensor and software package that sits on top of a laptop/monitor and monitors the users blink rate, sitting height, screen distance, screen time and ambient lighting. The product will alert the user if they are in violation of any of the above-mentioned factors and will coach them on developing and maintaining proper sitting and screen use habits.

Blink Rates

We should blink 12 to 18 times per minute. When we stare at pixelated screens, our blink rate can drop to as low as 2.5 times per minute, which leads to dry eye symptoms.

Screen Distance & Sitting Height

The closer we are to the screen, the more straining our eyes will experience. And if we sit too high or too low, it can potentially cause cervical spine issues.

Computer Breaks

Taking recommended, intermittent breaks and at least following the 20/20/20 rule can help relieve eye strain. And if we can do some stretching exercises during those breaks, we should feel more refreshed at the end of your work day.

Environmental Light

Too much glare can cause additional eye strain but if the room is too dark, our pupils will dilate, which could potentially allow more high energy blue light from the LED screen penetrating all the way to our retina.

Dr. i-Coach® is ideal for people who spend more than 2 hours a day in front of a computer monitor or screen
— Dr Roger Wu, Optometrist and Founder

Focusing On What Matters Most

Dr. i-Coach® is a patented software and device package that helps users develop and maintain proper computer habits by incorporating the recommended treatment philosophies from eye care professionals and organizations.

Dr. i-Coach does:

  • Monitoring proper screen distance
  • Ensuring proper computer breaks
  • Analyzing and ensuring proper blink rates
  • Checking for ideal environmental light settings
  • Monitoring proper sitting height
Digital Eye Strain in most cases leads to Musculoskeletal issues if not Addressed.


70% of Our Posture is Connected to Visual Function

Digital Eye Strain is a difficult issue to address and often overlooked, that can also lead to neck and back issues. Dr.i-Coach® is a perfect tool for addressing both.


Focusing On What Matters Most

As the digital age grows at a fast pace, an increasing number of employees are using computers at work, and Digital Eye Strain is becoming a major public health issue.

The American Optometric Association reports that 10 million eye exams are performed annually in the United States due to vision problems related to computer use. Digital eye strain leads to fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches, which causes decreased productivity, mistakes, and even workers’ compensation claims. Mitigating these negative effects is crucial in employee performance and efficiency.

Dr. i-Coach can control these symptoms with its core functions:

  • Blink Analyzer - warns the user if their blink rate gets too low, reducing dry eyes.
  • Time & Break Reminder - tracks computer usage and reminds the user to take a short break, allowing the user’s eyes to refocus.
  • Distance Monitor - reminds the user if they are too close to the screen, impeding nearsightedness/li>
  • Posture Monitor - warns the user if they are sitting at an inappropriate height, helping neck and back pain

Users can easily see their computer habits improve over time by checking the statistics page, or receive text/email alerts on their progress throughout the day. Dr. i-Coach is an easy way to add significant economic benefits to companies with large numbers of computer using employees. Start saving money and increase productivity in the office today!