About Us

Eyes 4 Lives, Inc. is an optical device company that has created a device to effectively monitor an individual’s screen interaction in real-time to reduce issues that can lead to Myopia, Digital Eye Strain, and Dry Eye. The company was established in 2010 by Dr. Roger Wu, the successful proprietor of Concord Eye Center, and has since dedicated its efforts into improving eye health and awareness on the negative ocular effects of the growing digital world.

Our mission at Eyes4Lives is to combat eye-related issues due to excessive or improper usage of electronic viewing devices. Such electronic devices include computers, hand-held gaming devices, smart phones, and even televisions. The company’s first product, Dr. i-Coach, is designed to correct those unhealthy habits and instill the recommended treatment philosophies from doctors and key eye care professionals. Digital Eye Strain is a global problem, and our goal is to provide solutions and extend this mission around the world.