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Dr. i-Coach® is a patented one-of-a kind sensor and software package that can help users develop and maintain proper computer habits by incorporating the recommended treatment philosophies and recommendations from key eye care professionals and organizations. Dr. i-Coach® does the following:
  • Monitoring proper screen distance

  • Ensuring proper computer breaks

  • Analyzing and ensuring proper blink rates

  • Checking for ideal environmental light settings

  • Monitoring proper sitting height

What does Dr. i-Coach alleviate?

  • Eye Strain

  • Blurred Vision

  • Irritated Eyes

  • Headaches

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How does Dr. i-Coach® help Users?
Now featuring the first device that minimizes Digital Eye Strain and the progression of nearsightedness by correcting improper electronic usage habits. Dr. i-Coach® is ideal for people who spend more than 2 hours a day in front of a computer monitor or screen and suffer from: Dr. i-Coach® is a patented software and device package that helps users develop and maintain proper computer habits by incorporating the recommended treatment philosophies from eye care professionals and organizations. Dr. i-Coach® does the following:
How does Dr. i-Coach® help Parents?
Many parents are not heeding the warnings from medical professionals on the need to monitor digital device use among kids. One in four children uses digital devices for more than three hours a day. In fact, 15 percent of survey respondents report they don't limit their children's screen time at all. And while 22 percent of parents say they are very concerned about the potentially harmful impact of digital devices on developing eyes, 30 percent report not being concerned at all about this issue.

Children should be educated on the importance of healthy computer habits, and Dr. i-Coach can maintain those healthy habits by monitoring and correcting their routine. Simply download the software and plug in the device. Dr. i-Coach continuously monitors the user’s activity and gives a gentle warning if the user: All warnings are recorded and can be reviewed in the Statistics section of the program, or sent as email or text alert throughout the day. By supervising computer habits, the risk of headaches, dry eyes, and near-sightedness are minimized.
How does Dr. i-Coach® help Eye care Professional?
Please contact us for more information on how Dr. i-Coach can benefit your patients and your practice.
How does Dr. i-Coach® help Corporations?
As the digital age grows at a fast pace, an increasing number of employees are using computers at work, and Digital Eye Strain is becoming a major public health issue. The American Optometric Association reports that 10 million eye exams are performed annually in the United States due to vision problems related to computer use. Digital eye strain leads to fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches, which causes decreased productivity, mistakes, and even workers’ compensation claims. Mitigating these negative effects is crucial in employee performance and efficiency, and Dr. i-Coach can control these symptoms with its core functions: Users can easily see their computer habits improve over time by checking the statistics page, or receive text/email alerts on their progress throughout the day. Dr. i-Coach is an easy way to add significant economic benefits to companies with large numbers of computer using employees. Start saving money and increase productivity in the office today!
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If you suffer from Digital Eye Strain or Nearsightedness, Dr. i-Coach® may be the solution. Call us to see if Dr. i-Coach® is right for you!
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